USA Toll Free Starter Minutes

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  • $9 / Month

Description :-

This plan includes one USA toll free number (Standard non 1800 number) with one extension. The plan has unlimited incoming and outgoing channels. You have the option to add more extensions, call recording and many other features for an additional cost. The minutes are valid for a month and are not carried forward to the next month. These minutes are meant for use with SIP extensions as per the usage policy provided by the company.

Terms and Condition :-

1. Enjoy unlimited number of lines/channels while using minute based plans.
2. Every minute based plan includes 1 US toll free number (888, 877, 866 or 855) and 1 extension.
3. Pure 800 numbers are charged @ $30/Number/month.
4. Additional extensions will be charged @ $4.95/extension.
5. Additional toll free numbers are charged @ $4.95/toll free number/month. Additional 3 toll free numbers @ $10/month. Additional 5 @ $14.95/month. Additional 10 @ $25/month. (Non 1800 Number)
6. Minutes in a minutes based plan are valid only for a month. Any remaining minutes are not be carried over to the next month.
7. Credit card and PayPal payments are charged 3% extra as processing fees. Wire processing fee - $15/wire. There is no additional charge if payment is sent by cheque.
8. We have a 30 day billing cycle and your next billing date will be 30 days from the account activation date.
9. All the minutes may be used for incoming or outgoing or both.
10. If the purchase is made on the same day of inquiry, one additional toll free number will be free.
11. If Calls forwarded on Indian / USA Mobile, Twice the minute will be charged.
12. Additional 10% Discount on Annual Payments.